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Backed with 18 years of experience developing various process monitoring solutions in the different market segments, Promosys Technology has the right resources to ensure that your IR4.0 journey will be a successful implementation


Innovation is built into your DNA

18 Years Of Experience

Since 2004 we focus on monitoring solutions

New Technology

Using latest technology to deliver value


We continually evolve our solution


Our Products

Energy Usage

Improve your ESG rating by gaining insight into your current enegery saving solution

Energy Usage with Air Compressor

Energy consumption exclusive design for air compressor with build in pressure monitoring

Energy Usage with Vibration Monitoring

Energy consumption exclusive design with for channel vibration monitoring

EWS - Early Warning System - PM2811 - TFT

SMS base 16 channel early warning system, for low cost, robust alerting solution using proven SMS technology

IOT EWS - Early Warning System - PM2811 - TFT - V2

Improved EWS using latest IOT technology and provide alerting and also controlling of field equipment

Unarvu IOT SensorHub 4G

Unarvu IOT sensor hub 4g are designed to enable seamless interfacing of any RS485 type IOT sensor to any IOT platform using a GSM-4g connection


Our Services

IOT Sensor Design Service

With 18 years of monitoring device development experience, Promosys has the right people and tools to design, develop and certify your innovative IOT sensors

IOT Sensor Prototyping Service

No one dares to manufacture 1000 sensors per day from day one. It all started with ten units of IOT sensors, which was used for market testing. We provide a cost-effective prototyping service where you can test your idea at a much lower cost

IOT Sensor Manufacturing

With in house low volume production capability, we can manufacture your IOT sensor in house, giving you the security, faster time to market and lower volume manufacturing

IOT Sensor Localization Service

Importing IOT sensor can be complex process. Having a local vendor who can handle the importing, warranty, and support will ensure success in your IOT project

IOT Sensor Integration Service

IOT sensor has various connectivity, parameter, communication protocols and specification. This sensor needs to be integrated into the end-user platform or ecosystem. We provide services to reduce the complexity and ensure greater integration

IOT Sensor Selection Service

We understand that selecting IOT sensor for your IOT / IR4.0 project can be challenging, given the fact various elements need to be considered when selecting and IOT sensor. We provide this unique service to ensure your project area deployed with the right IOT sensors

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